Network Address Translation

Operation and Concepts

Course Summary

This course will teach you everything there is to know about Network Address Translation: Why it exists, How it it works, What happens to packets as they get translated.

This course will explain every type of translation -- Static NAT, Static PAT, Dynamic PAT, and Dynamic NAT -- in a way that is completely vendor agnostic.

The concepts you learn here will apply to ANY vendor and ANY platform. You'll then learn how these four types of translations are used in Policy NAT and Twice NAT.

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Ed Harmoush

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Hristo Hristov



10 months ago
Edwin Pedres

Exceptional course!!!

Clear, concise and complete in plain English!!!

10 months ago
Dbf Dnndj

Simply explained

Thank you for explaining in such a simple way..

12 months ago
Rahul Siddhanak

Super Duper Explanation

Policy NAT, Twice NAT, Dynamic NAT ( w/ FTP )

1 year ago
Panagiotis Manolakos

Excellent course!!

The way Ed describes the thing, leaves no question unanswered! Now I am sure that I have enough knowledge in NAT for first time.

1 year ago