A note from Ed ...

Hi there!

If you're seeing this, you've probably watched some of my Networking Fundamentals series or TCP videos on Youtube. First and foremost, thank you for taking the time to watch, and for your interest in wanting to learn more.

I'm in the process of building the ultimate Networking course. The goal is to give anyone, in any tech discipline, the foundational understanding of Networking that's all IT careers are looking for.

Let's face it, everything is connected to the Internet these days, and understanding how that works will set you apart professionally.

The course currently is currently in pre-production. I am polling the early registrants and gathering a list of ideal topics, protocols, and troubleshooting tools that should be included in the class. I am working on organizing everything into a sensible, cohesive sequence.

While the course is being built, you have the opportunity to purchase early access to the course at half price. You’ll be an “early founder” and help shape this course into the best Networking course ever created.

You’ll get access to the content as it is created, access to the private Discord channel where you can ask questions and interact with me directly, and permanent access to the full course when it is completed.

Moreover, during the course creation process, I will be hosting regular live Q&A sessions and/or live teaching sessions. These will be on Discord, or private virtual classes, or Youtube, or some combination of all three. The recordings of these sessions will only be available to those of you who pre-enroll.

Finally, another benefit is you will also be supporting Practical Networking, and the creation of more free content for the Blog and the Youtube channel for the rest of the world.

Hope to see you in the course. Either way, I hope you have benefited from the free content on my channel.

-Ed Harmoush

Course Status:  Under Construction / Pre-Production

Under Construction Promotion:

Use Coupon code EarlyFounder to purchase course for $30



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