OpenSSL Training

OpenSSL Training - Based on the OpenSSL Cheat Sheet

Course Summary

OpenSSL is the universal tool for inspecting, diagnosing, and troubleshooting SSL & TLS.

OpenSSL is composed of many different utilities, each of which is responsible for a specific aspect of the SSL and TLS ecosystem.

In this course, you will receiving training on how to use the following OpenSSL Utilities:

  • openssl rsa
  • openssl genrsa
  • openssl dsa
  • openssl gendsa
  • openssl dsaparam
  • openssl ec
  • openssl ecparam
  • openssl pkey
  • openssl genpkey
  • openssl x509
  • openssl req
  • openssl pkcs12

Each module contains demo files you can use to practice the commands along with each lesson.

The lessons in the course follow a section from the Cheat Sheet (available to download for free below).

After completing the course and downloading the OpenSSL Cheat Sheet,
you will be equipped to inspect and troubleshoot any SSL / TLS scenarios you find yourself in.

Course Curriculum

Course Pricing

OpenSSL Training

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