Practical TLS

A deep dive into SSL and TLS: The protocols that secure the Internet

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        What you will get in this plan?

        • 80+ instructive video modules
          across 11 modules
        • 40+ lab tasks with real-world
        • Create your own Certificate
          Authority and Issue Signed
        • Inspect, Decrypt, and analyze
          TLS traffic in Wireshark
        • Q&A with Instructor in private
          Discord channel
        • Learn alongside other students
          enrolled in the course
        • COURSE UPDATED: TLS 1.3, the
          newest (and most secure)
          version of TLS
          Training (valued at $40)

        Need more convincing?  Here are more quotes from students:

        Hi Edward. Thank you very much for the course. This is one of the best courses I had ever bought. I was always curious how things work in the backend, so I also did little analysis on 'SSL/TLS'. But this course had thought me so many new things now fixing SSL/TLS at my work looks like a breeze. You have a gift of being teacher, you can take complex subjects explain in it a very simple manner which any one can understand. Thank you very much.
        Hi Ed Just like to say your course was excellent. I have been in the industry for twenty years and knew enough on TLS/SSL to get by but always had the nagging feeling I didn't know it all... and I didn't. It is a complex topic but it was broken down into digestible chunks but never dumbed down. I've been looking for an explanation on this subject as clear as this for a very long time so thanks. Regards Gary



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        Dincer Beken


        Bought it last summer. Finished the course after long delays. I can say, that I understand TLS and certificates better than anyone in my current company.

        3 months ago
        Adam Fedman

        One of those rare resources that deliver as promised

        At my workplace my team has to deal with all kind of issues and SSL issues are some of the most problematic for my team. This resource is invaluable. It helped me analyze and solved issues from first principals and ramp up my team knowledge. Can't recommend it enough

        4 months ago
        Arsen Tastenov

        Unvaluably accessible course

        Thank you! That was a great and pleasant journey. I wish more course authors would do them as humanly accessible as you did.

        5 months ago
        Joseph Velliah

        Best TLS Course

        Wow, what an amazing course! The explanations were so clear and easy to understand. It's like I went from seeing the world through blurry eyes to having a crystal-clear view. Thank you so much for creating such a wonderful learning experience!

        5 months ago
        Anton Rozhkov


        Awesome course and trainer! Excellent material and explanations. Strongly recommended.

        5 months ago
        Bruno Sotelo


        The course is very well built, a perfect balance between width and depth.

        7 months ago
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