Practical TLS

A deep dive into SSL and TLS: The protocols that secure the Internet

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        • 50+ instructive video modules
          across 7 modules
        • 30+ lab tasks with real-world
        • Create your own Certificate
          Authority and Issue Signed
        • Attend Live Q&A sessions with
          the instructor
        • Learn alongside other students
          enrolled in the course
        • Exclusive access to the
          upcoming module: Attacks
        • Exclusive access to the
          upcoming module: TLS 1.3



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        Dan Uluceanu

        Excellent teaching style

        I was going through the CCNA course with Neil Anderson when he recommended Ed Harmoush for a more in-depth TLS understanding. Ed's course is excellent in many ways - detail of the information, structure, presentation, and delivery - but the most helpful is the teaching style. Ed not only knows a lot about TLS, he also knows how to transfer that knowledge to his students. Many thanks, Ed!

        2 months ago
        Hari Charan G

        Hands down best TLS course on the internet

        I have been watching Ed's practical networking site from my CCNA days, every concept is made crystal clear with top notch presentation and neat animations. Long live Ed, you are truly godsend for people like me.

        3 months ago
        Vyas G

        Highly Recommended. Excellent Teaching and Support.

        If anyone wants to understand TLS at depth, this is the course. It is structured exceptionally well and even people with no prior knowledge of TLS will have a good fundamental know how of TLS from only the first two modules. Thanks to David Bombal - through whom I found out about Ed. Ed's teaching style is phenomenal and makes us understand complex topics very easily. As the title suggests, this course is indeed a practical approach to understanding TLS. Ed is active on discord and the doubts I had were addressed by him almost immediately. The support on his discord adds great value. Finally, I would like to thank Ed for creating such an interesting & useful course and sincerely appreciate his time. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who is interested.

        3 months ago
        Jiakai Li

        So damn good course

        As the title, this is a so damn good course! Thank you very much Ed!

        4 months ago
        Mario Hammer

        Recommend it!

        After that course, you'll feel familiar in the TLS world, and you'll be able to work professionally with TLS. Great content, great storytelling, thanks a lot to Ed for this gem!

        5 months ago
        José Carlos de Andrade Gonçalves Junior

        From Zero to Hero

        This course is very detailed and perfect for a self-paced understanding of how TLS/SSL works and how it can keep you secure in today's networks. Every field and every attribute is explored to the level of detail of the bit. I'm glad I had the opportunity of learning so much. And I thought I knew it all. ?. Never seen a course about this subject with so much information and labs. Congratulations and keep it up. I can't wait to see more content like this in the portal.

        5 months ago
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