Practical TLS

A deep dive into SSL and TLS: The protocols that secure the Internet

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        • 50+ instructive video modules
          across 7 modules
        • 30+ lab tasks with real-world
        • Create your own Certificate
          Authority and Issue Signed
        • Attend Live Q&A sessions with
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        • Learn alongside other students
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        • Exclusive access to the
          upcoming module: Attacks
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          upcoming module: TLS 1.3



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        Preetam Zare

        Worth every penny

        It is pleasure and an honor to know a teacher like Ed. This course is a basic fundamental block every person in this world should know. Ja, You heard it right. There is almost nothing in which there is no IT involved. We are living in a digital world. Security is so critical for your home, for your kids. And no one can explain things the way Ed does it. Have you come across a genius who knows every things but cannot explain? This is the difference between Student and Teacher. If I have to use role model for a Teacher it is Ed. In this course you learn not only TLS in and out but at the same time how he has designed this course. Small bits but repeating concepts occasionally and then ensuring at the end of lesson "The key take away"....WoW. Slides are so well designed, esp animation. It is worth every hour spent

        3 months ago
        David Harlow

        This TLS Course is Best in Class (Real Testimonials)

        This is, easily, one of the top 3 courses I have ever taken. This is a deep dive into TLS that actually leaves you feeling like you understand how the process works, rather than just knowing conceptually what happens. The presentation, content, and structure of the course are all excellent. The internet is plagued with fake testimonials, message me on LinkedIn if you need me to verify this review. David Harlow - Oakland, CA

        3 months ago
        Gary Sugden

        Excellent Course

        A complex topic presented with exceptional clarity and perfect pacing

        3 months ago
        Gaurav Rajput

        Pure Value

        One day I stumbled upon a random David Bombal's video on YouTube. I immediately found David's video very helpful and interesting. Then after watching for 10 days, I stumbled upon Ed's video "TLS Handshake Deep Dive and decryption with Wireshark". After watching that video, I instantly subscribed to this course. I tried to understand cryptography countless times in past 10 years. But sadly I never got any hold of it. I found this course randomly, by pure luck. I loved this course very much. Now, I can say that I am very confident on this topic. This has opened a whole new area of Cryptography to me. Thank you so much Ed for putting hard work in compiling this course.

        3 months ago
        Hon Kit Chan

        The best TLS course

        The best course for beginner to learn about TLS.

        3 months ago
        Chad Seaton

        Teaching Style is Superior!

        I recently ordered another course by a DIFFERENT instructor who believes in, "I can install this in less than ten minutes...Watch me go fast!” He talked fast and said nothing of real use. You can rewind, rewind and rewind...and still learn nothing. What a waste of money! NOT HERE! Ed's style is to go steady and explain it thoroughly every step of the way. He teaches one thing and builds on it in the following videos. You will learn and you will watch it again for all the right reasons. Excellent all the way through. He explains the How and the Why. Enjoy talking heads or death by whiteboard? Me neither! You WILL NOT find this here. His visual aids are the best I have seen. Even the use of colors makes it easier to comprehend complex concepts. Buy this course.

        3 months ago
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